Route and Access to Peak of B29

Route and access to Peak of B29 is easy to follow with the winding road and steeped streets. The B29 Summit is located in 40Km from center city of Lumajang. It is require extra effort when you visit B29 Summit in Bromo. Especially to the local condition, vehicles and attention that offer successful trekking trip. It is recommended for you to go in dry season and avoid the crowded in school and major holiday season. Here are tips for you that want to go to peak of B29.

The Route to B29 summit
If you follow the B29 tour from airport Surabaya or Malang, it is recommended to take arrival flight in the early morning flight around 08.00 to 11.00 am in order you are able to get to Bromo earlier. With this time management, you are able to have relaxed time and able to see the view clear along to your Route and access to peak of B29. The other route when you want to go B29 Summit you also able to start trekking from Lumajang district. Start the trek from center city to Senduro regency, turn left to the road toward Kandang tepus and up to Village Argosari for next 3 hours. After arrived in the location, the tourist can see the welcome area tourism in Village B29 Argosari senduro district.
The access road to Bromo from Tosari is scenic and quite smooth. If you want to have other scenic route, you can consider the route of; Pasuruan-Warung Dowo-Tosari-Wonokitri-Pananjakan-Bromo. To avoid crowd in Pananjakan, take alternative road to Bukit Cinta about 5 minutes and you can get the Bromo landscape in your hand.

The Good Access to B29 summit
Due to the popularity, there is access that easy and maintained in good condition in B29 route. The access is the path that you will find is dominated with 10 to 40 degree incline and sharpens turn with the typical mountain path. The access to the top of B29 is available by using motorcycle or use extra parking and hike about 2 hours more to the B29 summit top. It is best to visit in dry season for the safety. In rainy season, the roads become slippery and dangerous. If you consider to rent a motorcycle, it is your time to show your bargain skill. It average rent motorcycle price between 85.000-10.000 rupiah. If you are lucky, you can get the motorcycle rent to Route and access to Peak of B29 with only 60.000 rupiah.

Route and access to Peak of B29

I hope this article will be help for you if you want to go to Peak of B29 in Lumajang, and before you take this trip don’t forget to read about Travel Tips to B29 Summit.

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