Lava-lava Hotel in Probolinggo

Lava-lava Hotel in Probolinggo

A Basic Hotel in Probolinggo with a Great Service

Having an idea to book Lava-lava hotel in Probolinggo but you still feel that really reluctant might be helped by finding the info about the hotel first before you decide to book it now. Of course, when we are planning to have a fun holiday, it is such a good idea for you to deal with the best choice of the hotel for having an enjoyable holiday or vacation. That is the reason why we have to be selective on choosing the hotel even we have such a limited budget for the hotel.

Lava-lava Hotel in Probolinggo
Lava-lava Hotel

We can still find a basic hotel which is totally comfy. Sure, this hotel is a type of basic hotel with the basic facility. It can be chosen as well if we are going to visit Probolinggo, for example to go to Bromo. Before you go choosing this hotel to be booked, it is a good idea for getting the complete info about this hotel first so that you would not get disappointed in the end.

About the Hotel Lava-lava hotel and resto

Before you book a hotel, for example Lava-lava hotel in Probolinggo, it is important to know well about the hotel. It is a good idea for you to find the complete info about the hotel first. Lava-lava hotel is located on Jln. Raya Bromo Km.05. This has a good location for you who want to enjoy your vacation since this hotel is near some tourist attractions, as like the Museum Probolinggo which is located about 4.5km from the hotel.

If you want to visit Bromo Mountain, it is located about 31.5km from the hotel and about 39km from Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. From Jabung Temple it is only less than 33km. this hotel has about 20 rooms available which have the complete facility of the room. The cost of the room starts from about 300,000 rupiahs. That is really a good deal for you who need a basic yet comfy room. There is also the facility of WiFi at the public area.

Reviews from the Guests

Many customers who have stayed there in the hotel said that the hotel had a clean area and comfy enough. The service from the staff of the hotel is also really great and really kind. Most of people who ever became the customers of the hotel said that this hotel has a good and kind service. Still, this is such a basic hotel and people need to notice and realized it so that it can prevent you getting the out of expectation experience about the Lava-lava hotel in Probolinggo.

Cafe Lava Hostel Near Bromo

Cafe Lava Hostel Near Bromo

Cafe Lava Hostel Near Mount Bromo

Cafe Lava Hostel is part of Lava View Lodge and one place to stay and is located in Cemoro lawang, ngadisari, Probolinggo, the nearest city to the edge of Mount Bromo. If you don’t plan to stay any longer than a few night after exploring Mount Bromo, Cafe Lava Hostel is the perfect choice for you. Here are some information about the hostel facility and the room rate you will have to pay if you stay the night there.

A Place for Short Stay

People who have stayed in Cafe Lava Hostel would recommend this hostel for short stay only. With no fan or air conditioning in the basic room, you don’t want to spend many nights here. The facility is sufficient for resting after exploring Mount Bromo East Java, Indonesia.

Room Rates

Cafe Lava Hostel has six types of room you can choose from. They vary based on their capacity, facility, and rate. Here is the list of the room types in Cafe Lava Hostel.

  • Family A
    As you can guess from the name, this type of room is suitable for family visitor. It is a room for four with LED TV, hot water, coffee maker, and also mineral water inside the room. You will have to pay IDR 900.000 for one night, breakfast included.
  • Family B
    Same as the Family A room, this room type have enough beds for four people. The cost per night is around IDR 800.000.
  • Superior Triple
    A family of three or three best friends can stay here and split the bills. The rate is IDR 600.000 per night. The facility includes hot water, coffee maker, mineral water, and LED TV also.
  • Superior
    It is a room for two with standard facilities like mineral water, hot water, LED TV, coffee maker, and breakfast. so, you prepare to pay IDR 450.000 for this type of room.
  • Standard
    It’s basically the superior room, only the location is not as good as the superior one. You will not get the welcome drink either when you first come to the hostel. The rate is IDR 350.000.
  • Economy Double
    This is the cheapest room in the building. If you don’t spend much time in the hostel, this is the room type for you. The rate is only IDR 150.000. The only sacrifice you have to make is to share your bedroom with other people who book this type of room also. But in low season, you won’t feel like you don’t have a private bathroom because there will be less people to share the bathroom with.

Cafe Lava Hostel

With its location being near to Bromo, you won’t need to worry about the jeep is being late to pick you up from Cafe Lava Hostel.

Lava View Lodge Hotel in Bromo

Lava View Lodge Hotel in Bromo

Staying at Lava View Lodge Hotel when Visiting Mount Bromo.

Lava View Lodge Hotel in Bromo is located in Sukapura, Cemoro Lawang, Probolinggo. This Lava View Lodge is one place you can stay the night when visiting Mount Bromo. You can book rooms in this lodge on the spot when you decide to stay the night. But it’s best to book the rooms few weeks in advance to make sure you will have a place to stay at night.

Lava View Lodge Hotel in Bromo
Lava View Hotel Bromo

What You can Get Here

The view is the main appeal of this lodge. Who doesn’t want a view of an active volcano smoking from their window? Combine that with the sunrise every early morning and the fresh air of the mountains. Other facilities are just bonus compared to the view it has to offer. If you want a closer look to Mount Bromo, just ask the receptionist to rent a jeep for going up the mountain, and you’re ready to go.

Room Rate

There are six types of room in the Lava View Lodge. The standard superior is the cheapest room for two. Inside the room you will have a coffee maker, 2 bottles of mineral water, a TV, and you can have hot shower. The rate is IDR 600.000 with breakfast included. Bungalow double room type is right for the couples in their honeymoon. The rooms are separated from the main building. The rate is IDR 700.000. If you are visiting Bromo with your friends, the bungalow triple is the room type for you. Just split the IDR 800.000 bill to three!

The last 3 types of room are suitable if you have more money to spare. Inside those rooms, you can find a set of coffee table and a couch to relax and watch the TV while eating without spreading the crumbs to your bed. The deluxe room is suitable for two people and the family room and the cottage has enough beds for 4 people. From those rooms you will get the best view of the mountain. The sunrise you can see from here is worth every penny you pay for the lodge. The rate ranges from IDR 900.000 to IDR 2.500.000.

The rates mention it above are normal rates and you must to pay more on high season (May to September) and on peak season (September to January). You will also charged if you bring extra person or if you need an extra bed.

Lava View Lodge

If you are looking for hotel with clear view to Mount Bromo and access to go to there, this is the right place for you. Don’t waste any time after you have plan a trip to Mount Bromo, pick up your smart phone and book a room at Lava View Lodge.

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