Love Hill of Bromo the Alternative Place to See the Sunrise

Love Hill of Bromo the Alternative Place to See the Sunrise

Explore the beauty sunrise on Love Hill of Bromo

Love Hill of Bromo or Bukit Cinta Bromo is an alternative place to see the stunning beauty of sunrise on Bromo. Just like King Kong Hill, the Love Hill spot is also less well-known than the main spot name it Penanjakan 1, where the most clear view of sunrise on Mount Bromo can be gotten from this spot.

However, if you think that Puncak Penanjakan 1 is too narrow of other tourists, you can choose Love Hill as a good alternative besides the Seruni point and King Kong Hill.

Where is the Location of Love Hill of Bromo?

Love hill of Bromo is located about 5 kilometers from the summit of Penanjakan 1. Besides as an alternative view point of Bromo, it is also a popular layover area for the tourists that have known about this spot and those who come back from viewing point on Puncak Penanjakan 1.

If you also have been view the amazing beauty of sunrise on Mount Bromo from Puncak Penanjakan 1 view point, you can ask the Bromo Jeep rental driver to stop in Love Hill and other alternative viewpoints. You will get amazing of the Mount Bromo beauty viewing experience from the different spots. T

ake some pictures of the gorgeous mountain and the surrounding nature for some memorabilia.

The Alternative of Bromo’s Sunrise View Point

Mount Bromo is one part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park with the awesome surrounding natural beauty. It makes Mount Bromo is always fully narrow on holidays, especially on the main view point of Puncak Penanjakan 1. You should come to the viewing spot in early dawn.

Otherwise, the location will be fully narrow by the other tourists, because most tourists must choose it as the first place for sunrise viewing. If you think that you are late, then you can choose the Love Hill, as the alternatives to see the sunrise.

Love Hill of Bromo the Alternative Place to See the Sunrise

Actually, the alternative viewing spots also give amazing views of Mount Bromo Sunrise. However, most tourists choose Penanjakan 1 as the first spot to enjoy the sunrise view. Therefore, make sure that you wake up early if you want to enjoy the Sunrise in the most amazing view. Hopefully, you are fortunate enough to see the amazing beauty completely without any cloudy weather that closes the view. But when you find the main viewing spot has been fully stuffy, just go to the Love Hill of Bromo.

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