Tumpak Sewu Tour Package

Tumpak Sewu Tour Package is becoming famous as one of the most amazing waterfalls in East Java, and it may even be the coolest in all of Indonesia. So this from the viewpoint, there are two different paths to hike down to the place, but the path on the Lumajang (east) side seems to be easier and safer.

So please be careful, because the rocks here are will get wet and slippery. Please don’t try to keep your feet dry, it’s impossible. So just keep three points of contact and put your electronics in a dry bag in case you fall on your butt and get soaked.

Tumpak Sewu Tour Package

Program Tumpak Sewu Tour Package 4D3N :


  • Arrival in the morning about 10.00am we will pick you up using private transport by AC and start going to kampung warna warni jodipan about 2 hours driving while stopping on the way to have lunch than continue to lumajang.
  • 16.00pm, Check in hostel and free program
  • 19.00pm, Dinner time


  • 07.00am At early Morning after breakfast we will walking to tumpak sewu waterfall from here we will see the amazing waterfall (best in east java) explore duration 3h than back to parking area.
  • 11.00am We will have simple lunch at local resto
  • 12.30pm After lunch drive to 3-4h to bromo hotel
  • 17.00pm, check in and free program


  • 02.30am, Wake up call
  • 03.00am, Jeep Bromo 4x4wd will drive to view point about 1h for beautifull sunrise
  • 04.00am, We will walking from parking to get a good spot for panorama
  • 04.40am, Taking Picture sunrise with a great mountain batok, mountain bromo and mountain semeru
  • 06.00am, Back to jeep parking and drive down to sea of sand
  • 06.30am, Stop on the sea of sand for group foto on the jeep and arround
  • 07.00am, Visit Bromo by walking or horse riding (200K) its by optional
  • 07.30am, Enjoy at the volcano
  • 08.15am, Back to parking and drive to hotel
  • 08.45am, having breakfast and Shower
  • 10.00am, check out drive to Ijen hotel
  • 12.30pm, Stop on the way having lunch at local resto and relax
  • 13.30pm, Continue driving
  • 16.30pm, Check in hotel and free program


  • Wake up Midnight drive to Paltuding
  • 03.30am, Meet and great with a local guide than start trekking 3km
  • 05.00am, Enjoy the ijen crater by sulfur miner and green lake
  • 06.00am, Back down to parking area
  • 07.30am, Drive back to hotel joumey 1,5h for breakfast and shower
  • 11.00am, Check out drive to Surabaya
  • 13.00pm, Stop on the way having lunch
  • Program Tumpak Sewu Bromo Ijen Tour 4D3N ended

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Tour Package

  • Please Bring Jacket, hand glove, torchlight, shoes, sandal

Inclusive :

  • All Entrancefee as itinerary
  • Hostel 1N Tumpak Sewu
  • Private land transportation by air-conditioned car 
  • 4 wheel-drive Jeep-Bromo
  • English Speaking Local Guide Ijen
  • Ranger waterfall
  • Ijen Gas Mask
  • Ferry Ticket
  • Mineral Water
  • Breakfast from Hotel
  • Toll
  • Parking

Exclusive :

  • Bromo Horse Riding
  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch and Dinner

Bromo Tour from Probolinggo

Bromo Tour from Probolinggo its package specially designed for day tour visiting Bromo Volcano from Probolinggo. So duration about 8 hour start from Probolinggo Port accompany with english speaking local guide.

What its Mount Bromo Tour?

At the top of Mount Bromo you can see the beauty of the crater which is still active. So many climbers climb at 2 am in order to see the beautiful sunrise. Mount Bromo is also famous as a place for the growth of the Eternal Flower, Edelweiss. You can rent the services of an off road Jeep or horse if you want to reach the top of the mountain without having to climb.

Detail program Bromo Tour from Probolinggo  :

08.00 : The Cruise ship coming at Probolinggo Port. Our staf stay in front of the exit gate to pick you up, meet our tour guide, who will bring a signboard where your name are, depart to Bromo with air conditioned, van or mini bus or medium size bus to climb up easier pass the mountain route. Enjoy the beauty countryside a long the route with agriculture in terraces, the villages, farmers and the rain forest.

10.00 : Arrive at Bromo (Cemoro Lawang) area where we should change the transport to Jeep-bromo 4×4 without air conditioned to pass through the sand of sea about 1h and climb up to top where we could see the panoramic view of the Mt. Bromo and Mt. Semeru (3676 m) the higher peak volcano of Java island.

12.00 : start by horse riding to the crater and Walking 50m on the sea of sand to visit closer Mount Bromo crater by climb up 243 step.

13.00 : Going back to cemorolawang we will provide your lunch in local restaurant ( lavaview, bromo permai and cafelava ).

14.00 : Go back to Probolinggo Port to drop off you and join your ship

16.00 : Tour is ended.


  • Entrancfee for Bromo national park
  • English Speaking Local Guide
  • Jeep Bromo
  • Refreshment mineral water
  • Private land transportation by air-conditioned car/bus
  • Lunch in local resto bromo area

Mount Bromo Tour Package

Mount Bromo Tour Package

The Mount Bromo Tour Package is special adventure trip in east java. It takes duration only 2 days. So from here we can enjoy all nature around mountain staying in any hotels at cemoro lawang (Bromo Area). Mt Bromo is an active volcano located in Probolinggo an altitude of 2430 ASL, as well as a favorite holiday in East Java – Indonesia.

Detail Program Mount Bromo Tour Package 2D1N

Adventure travel to Mount Bromo will start from the city of Surabaya or Malang. During 2 days & 1 night trip, you will follow the schedule that we have provided with the following programs:

Day 1 : Pick Up Service – View Point

  • We will pick you up at Surabaya Airport/Hotel then drive you to Cemoro Lawang about 3h.
  • If we are arrive about 4pm Our Team will take you to some place for sunset.
  • At Night after Dinner we can have free program, so you can relax possible walk arround hotel.

Days 2 : Bromo Sunrise Tour – Surabaya Drop Service

  • 03.00 we can wake up and prepare to do Bromo tour
  • Jeep Bromo 4x4WD will pick up you at Hotel and drive 50minute to view point
  • waiting for sunrise 05.30am coming up
  • After Enjoying sunrise, we can proceed towards Bromo crater with private jeep transportation and pass through the desert to the parking rest area.
  • From Parking, we can going to the top of the crater by foot or horse riding (horse pay by own)
  • After enjoy on the crater and satisfied exploring, then we will go back to hotel for having breakfast and shower
  • At 10.00am we can packing our bag and check out directly from hotel.
  • Driving from Bromo Hotel to Surabaya/Malang about 3h and finally, program start from Surabaya Bromo Tour is finish.

The Mount Bromo Tour Price (Private Trip)

1IDR. 3.500.000,-
2IDR. 1.850.000,-
3IDR. 1.450.000,-
4IDR. 1.250.000,-

Tour Include :

  • Private Land Transportation by AC
  • Jeep Bromo 4x4WD
  • Permit And Entrance fee Bromo also
  • Hotel Bromo Area
  • Breakfast
  • Mineral Water
  • Parking, Toll and Fuel

Tour Exclude

  • Personal insurance
  • Dinner and lunch also
  • Horse

Tips Backpacker to mount Bromo

Tips Backpacker to mount Bromo

Tips Backpacker to Mount Bromo

Tips backpacker to mount Bromo in Fun way is very important to know if you have a chance to go to Indonesia. In fact, Bromo is a must visit place because of its beautiful scenery. You can enjoy sunrise or sunset as well as the cold weather at night, enjoy the nature of Bromo, culture of Tengger tribe then so many thing to do in Bromo. So, what do you have to do if you want to go to mount Bromo? By learning from these tips, you can also learn about how to backpacker to mount Bromo in low budget.

Taking public transportation

As a backpacker you have to limit your budget. Taking public transportation can be the way to do it. The good news is that there are several public transportation you can use to reach mount Bromo. For example, you can go by plane, train, or bus first. What you have to do is going to Surabaya first. The tariff is affordable for backpacker like you. If you go to Surabaya by plane, you just need to spend around Rp. 500.000. Going to mount Bromo by train or bus is more affordable because you just need to spend around Rp. 120.000 for train and Rp. 15.000 up to Rp. 30.000 for bus. When you are getting closer to the location, you have to take minibus and again the cost is also affordable especially if you go to mount Bromo.

Finding place to stay

One more thing you should consider is about place to stay while exploring mount bromo. Interestingly, you can find place to stay from free place up to the most expensive place. If you go to mount Bromo with your friends, you can just bring a tent. Then, you can go to the camping ground. It is free there. You can also spend a little bit of your money by staying at the home stay. The price is various it depends on the type of the house. For those who have extra money, you can also decide to stay at the hotel.

While Exploring Bromo

The next tips backpacker to mount Bromo is related to go to the peak of the mountain. You can also go to the peak of mount Bromo in various ways. The cheapest way is by walking. The scenery is good to enjoy although you will be a little bit tired. If you don’t want to do it, just spend your money to rent a jeep or rent a motorcycle in Bromo.

Tips Backpacker to Mount Bromo

By following those tips backpacker to mount Bromo above, you are not only enjoying the scenery of the Bromo but also doing it in cheap cost.

Tengger Tribe of Bromo

Tengger Tribe of Bromo

The Unique Culture and Traditions of Tengger Tribe of Bromo

Knowing about Tengger tribe of Bromo (Suku Tengger Bromo) is such the interesting thing for many of us. That is especially if you are always in love with the beauty of Bromo, as like the beautiful view of sunrise.

Of course, if you love the custom, tradition, and culture which are really unique and really awesome, you need to know about the custom, tradition, and even culture of the native tribe of Bromo known as Tengger Tribe or Tenggerese.

Tengger Tribe of Bromo

They have the unique culture and tradition which are totally that beautiful and really unique. You can know much about the native tribe of Bromo or Tengger tribe so well so that when you are going to visit Bromo, you will also plan it well so that you can also be able to enjoy the beauty of this tribe. That will be such the unforgettable moment you should not miss then. Still, it is such the fun thing for you to know much about Tengger Tribe.

About Tengger Tribe of Bromo

Tengger tribe of Bromo is of course the native tribe of Bromo and its surrounding. They live around the region of Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Malang, and Lumajang. Commonly they are the believers of Hindu so that is why the ceremonies are commonly based on the Hindu feast days’ celebrations.

However, nowadays there are also some of the Tengger people who are not Hindu. Tengger tribe also believes that they are the direct descendants of Majapahit. The tribe is also hold tight on maintaining and upholding their culture, traditions, and customs. That is the reason why we can still enjoy and watch a lot of great ceremonies, and even the traditions there.

Tengger Tribe Ceremonies

Since Tengger tribe is great on maintaining their culture, tradition, and customs, we can still watch and enjoy the ceremonies there. One of the great ceremonies of the Tengger tribe people, especially the Hindu ones there is the ceremony of Yadnya Kasada. That is one of the great ceremonies there.

There are so many other ceremonies which are held based on the tradition and culture of Tengger Tribes in their daily life. There are also many other unique ceremonies of Tengger tribe there.


So many thing you should to know about the culture in Bromo east Java, such as people who stay around there.

Rental Jeep at Bromo by Cheaper Price

Rental Jeep at Bromo by cheaper price

Enjoying the Sunrise by Rental Jeep at Bromo by Cheaper Price

Getting the service of rental jeep at Bromo by cheaper price can be such a good idea for you who want to explore Bromo. Perhaps it will be your first time enjoying and visiting Mt. Bromo so that you might need more references for what you can do there and even what you need to prepare for enjoying so much fun at Bromo. Of course, there is a bunch of great things and even activities that can be done by the visitors at Bromo. You can enjoy the beauty of Bromo with its amazing nature, enjoying the extreme activities, and of course enjoying the fun exploration at Bromo.

The culture of the native tribes there are also that unique to be known. They have the unique tradition and culture to be enjoyed as well. That becomes one of the recommended activities which can be enjoyed when we are in Bromo. Then, renting a jeep to reach Bromo is a good idea so that you will get a bunch of fun and of course, it will make your journey to be much more enjoyable and really fun.

Enjoying Sunrise at Bromo

For sure, any of you are interesting in finding the best idea for dealing with the best experience in your vacation. If you are going to visit Bromo, of course enjoying sunrise there becomes one of the to-do lists there. For getting the comfort to reach the best spot for the best sunrise view there, you can simply find the rental jeep at Bromo by cheaper price. That would not be that difficult because there are so many jeep rental providers which we can find there.

You do not need to waste your time and energy for reaching the spot since you have to be there on time for preventing getting miss of the sunrise moment. There any tourist attraction will be visited around Bromo by this Jeep such as Mount Penanjakan 1 (to see the sunrise), Bromo crater, Whispering  sands of Bromo and the last trip is visit the Grassland savanna Bromo.

What to Notice before Renting a Jeep

As we have said before, renting a jeep to enjoy the comfort when reaching the best sunrise spot at Bromo is really recommend. That will give you simplicity and of course comfort. You also can reach the spot sooner. However, you need to be selective on finding the rental of the jeep there. Do not forget to deal with the price.

Choose the best price one but never forget to notice the facility which they offer. Then, you also need to consider the condition of the jeep in order to deal with your safety, and also your comfort. Considering the driver is a also another good thing to deal with on choosing the right rental Jeep at Bromo by cheaper price.

Rental Jeep at Bromo by Cheap Price

Explore mount Bromo tourist attraction will be more fun if you take by Jeep, cos You will get a lot of experience whom you still never get before.

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