The Phenomenon Milky Way in Mount Bromo

The Phenomenon Milky Way in Mount Bromo

The Way to Enjoy the Phenomenon Milky Way in Bromo.

The phenomenon milky way in Mount Bromo is one of interesting attractions. Of course, it is a must for you to see this natural phenomenon when you have a plan to explore Bromo. Before enjoying the Milky Way in Bromo, it is better for you to learn a little bit about this phenomenon especially if it is your first time to visit Bromo by a private tour or by a Backpacker trip.

The Best Time to See the Milky Way in Bromo

So, when is the best time to see Milky Way phenomenon in mount Bromo? For your information, the phenomenon Milky Way in Mount Bromo appears at night. The best time to see this phenomenon is around 01.00am up to 04.30am. Moreover, the chance to see this Milky Way is bigger if the weather is clear. This is because sometimes mount Bromo is full of fogs at night. It will difficult for you to see the Milky Way if too much fogs there. Sometimes, you also need to wait up to 3 days or 4 days to see the best appearance of the Milky Way. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this beautiful phenomenon.

The Best Areas to See the Milky Way

After learning about the best time to see the Milky Way in mount Bromo, it is also important for you to know the best location to enjoy the Milky Way. The good news is that there are several strategic locations you can visit in mount Bromo as the best location to see Milky Way. For example, you can just go to the northern side of lava view lodge. Close to this area there is a place namely Mentigen Hill. This is also the place for camping ground. You can see the Milky Way clearly because there is no trees and grass.

The Phenomenon Milky Way in Mount Bromo

You can also see the Milky Way in mount Bromo clearly by staying on mount Penanjakan. The main reason is because it is the highest peak of mount Bromo. As the result, the Milky Way can be seen clearly from this location. While waiting for the Milky Way, you can buy local foods and drinks there.

King Kong Hill is also the best place to see Milky Way in mount Bromo. It is also a good location for camping in which there is also local foods and drinks you can buy. The location is below the mount Penanjakan. One more reference to see the Milky Way in mount Bromo is Love Hill. The location of Love Hill is below the mount Penanjakan and King Kong Hill. Just visit those areas to see the phenomenon Milky Way in Mount Bromo and hopefully you can enjoy it maximally.

Tips Backpacker to mount Bromo

Tips Backpacker to mount Bromo

Tips Backpacker to Mount Bromo

Tips backpacker to mount Bromo in Fun way is very important to know if you have a chance to go to Indonesia. In fact, Bromo is a must visit place because of its beautiful scenery. You can enjoy sunrise or sunset as well as the cold weather at night, enjoy the nature of Bromo, culture of Tengger tribe then so many thing to do in Bromo. So, what do you have to do if you want to go to mount Bromo? By learning from these tips, you can also learn about how to backpacker to mount Bromo in low budget.

Taking public transportation

As a backpacker you have to limit your budget. Taking public transportation can be the way to do it. The good news is that there are several public transportation you can use to reach mount Bromo. For example, you can go by plane, train, or bus first. What you have to do is going to Surabaya first. The tariff is affordable for backpacker like you. If you go to Surabaya by plane, you just need to spend around Rp. 500.000. Going to mount Bromo by train or bus is more affordable because you just need to spend around Rp. 120.000 for train and Rp. 15.000 up to Rp. 30.000 for bus. When you are getting closer to the location, you have to take minibus and again the cost is also affordable especially if you go to mount Bromo.

Finding place to stay

One more thing you should consider is about place to stay while exploring mount bromo. Interestingly, you can find place to stay from free place up to the most expensive place. If you go to mount Bromo with your friends, you can just bring a tent. Then, you can go to the camping ground. It is free there. You can also spend a little bit of your money by staying at the home stay. The price is various it depends on the type of the house. For those who have extra money, you can also decide to stay at the hotel.

While Exploring Bromo

The next tips backpacker to mount Bromo is related to go to the peak of the mountain. You can also go to the peak of mount Bromo in various ways. The cheapest way is by walking. The scenery is good to enjoy although you will be a little bit tired. If you don’t want to do it, just spend your money to rent a jeep or rent a motorcycle in Bromo.

Tips Backpacker to Mount Bromo

By following those tips backpacker to mount Bromo above, you are not only enjoying the scenery of the Bromo but also doing it in cheap cost.

Tengger Tribe of Bromo

Tengger Tribe of Bromo

The Unique Culture and Traditions of Tengger Tribe of Bromo

Knowing about Tengger tribe of Bromo (Suku Tengger Bromo) is such the interesting thing for many of us. That is especially if you are always in love with the beauty of Bromo, as like the beautiful view of sunrise.

Of course, if you love the custom, tradition, and culture which are really unique and really awesome, you need to know about the custom, tradition, and even culture of the native tribe of Bromo known as Tengger Tribe or Tenggerese.

Tengger Tribe of Bromo

They have the unique culture and tradition which are totally that beautiful and really unique. You can know much about the native tribe of Bromo or Tengger tribe so well so that when you are going to visit Bromo, you will also plan it well so that you can also be able to enjoy the beauty of this tribe. That will be such the unforgettable moment you should not miss then. Still, it is such the fun thing for you to know much about Tengger Tribe.

About Tengger Tribe of Bromo

Tengger tribe of Bromo is of course the native tribe of Bromo and its surrounding. They live around the region of Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Malang, and Lumajang. Commonly they are the believers of Hindu so that is why the ceremonies are commonly based on the Hindu feast days’ celebrations.

However, nowadays there are also some of the Tengger people who are not Hindu. Tengger tribe also believes that they are the direct descendants of Majapahit. The tribe is also hold tight on maintaining and upholding their culture, traditions, and customs. That is the reason why we can still enjoy and watch a lot of great ceremonies, and even the traditions there.

Tengger Tribe Ceremonies

Since Tengger tribe is great on maintaining their culture, tradition, and customs, we can still watch and enjoy the ceremonies there. One of the great ceremonies of the Tengger tribe people, especially the Hindu ones there is the ceremony of Yadnya Kasada. That is one of the great ceremonies there.

There are so many other ceremonies which are held based on the tradition and culture of Tengger Tribes in their daily life. There are also many other unique ceremonies of Tengger tribe there.


So many thing you should to know about the culture in Bromo east Java, such as people who stay around there.

The Entrance Fee of Mount Bromo

The Entrance Fee of Mount Bromo

The Entrance Fee of Mount Bromo

The entrance fee of mount Bromo is different based on the location you enter in. there are four entrance you can choose to reach the village tourism at Bromo Cemoro Lawang, at Village Wonokitri (Pasuruan), from Village Ngadas Overlaping (Malang) and from Village Burno (Lumajang). The major access point is cemoro Lawang. The village of Ngadisari becomes the marks for entrance the national park in Bromo.

The entrance Ticket Price to Bromo

Prior to park entering, if you drive your car, you will be directed into parking lot at the bottom of mountain. Upon exiting from your car, unless you use the prearranged tour, there are will be person that will approach you to offer ticket for jeep ride to take you to Bromo crater and watch the sunrise. The entrance fee of mount Bromo is different for the domestic and foreign tourist.

To go to Bromo, for the domestic tourist, the entrance fee cost Rp.27.500 in weekday and in weekend it increase to Rp.32.500. For the foreigner tourist, it price about Rp.217,500 in weekday and weekend it is price with Rp.317.500. Due to the access and route that far and need transportation, there is transportation rental that available in Mount Bromo. You can choose to rent motorcycle, jeep or car, bicycle, and horse. For renting car, it cost about rp.10.000, motorcycle about 5000, bicycle 2000 and horse rental 10.000.

Tips for the entrance fee of mount Bromo

As it is stated before in parking car, you will approach with person that offer you ticket. Be careful because they commonly hike the price and buy the ticket that you can buy directly from the office behind them. Just simply go to the office and ask to purchase a voucher. This will give you more reasonable price. Alternatively, you can walk or take motorcycle taxi. That offer you more negotiable price. Be aware when your tour agency or hotel attempt to collect the park entrance fee at pick up time.

The operators have been ask for the free payment before you board your jeep and this will hand you with standard fee paid receipt. The receipt is not entrance ticket. It is will go unchecked at entrance Gate Park as most park staff will cut on the scheme for not checking ticket for specific vehicles. If you do not agree to the practice, refuse to pay and ask to stop at park gate and purchase your ticket. The official The entrance fee of mount Bromo is pink printed paper and it has sequence numbered.

After you knew about the entrance fee to Bromo, will you visit to Bromo East Java Indonesia ?

Whispering Sands of Bromo

Whispering Sands of Bromo

Enjoy Adventures on Whispering Sands of Bromo

Whispering sands of Bromo is another great spot surround the mountain that should belong to your Bromo tour package. This tourism spot is a sea of sands that contain volcanic sands covering a very huge land. The dry sands are always blown by the winds so it produces some sounds like whispering. The beauty of the brown sea of sands is perfect with the blue sky that is sometimes covered by some clouds.

The Location of Whispering Sands

The sea of sands is located inside the caldera of Mount Bromo. The natural and unique beauty is always they can take by tourists in amazing photographs. That is why the tourism spot gets local and international visitors in the amount that is always increasing all the time.

To get to the whispering sands of Bromo, most tourists ride a jeep, hardtop or another adventuring vehicle so they can pass the extreme sandy area easily. As the part of the tour package to Mount Bromo, the tourists commonly visit the sea of sands in the morning after they enjoy the sunrise beauty at dawn time.

What to Do on the Sea of Sands?

As the next agenda of your adventuring tour in Bromo Tengger Semeru, you certainly have some interesting activities that can be enjoyed on the spot that is like a desert. The breathtaking view on the sea of sands is certainly an amazing place for selfie or taking perfect photographic works.

There are many objects that you can take with your camera. Even many couples use this spot to make their pre-wedding photographs. The beauty of the whispering sands of Bromo also has been used as the place to take some video clip and movie scenes of Indonesian stars.

Whispering sands of Bromo

For those who love adventuring with jeep, this spot is perfect to choose because of the sandy land. You can explore your favorite activity on the sands by driving the vehicle on the greatly challenging area. On the other hand, the sea of sands is also perfect for those who love cycling on the natural route.

The sandy area must be more challenging and the beautiful view will be so enjoyable while cycling. Therefore, don’t forget to take this sea of sands as one of your tour package in Bromo Tengger Semeru so the great trip will not only about sunrise viewing; but more adventurous and challenging on the sandy caldera. You can complete your memorable experiences by enjoying the amazing beauty of the whispering sands of Bromo.

Grassland Savanna of Bromo, Another Awesome Spot to Enjoy

Grassland Savanna of Bromo, Another Awesome Spot to Enjoy

Grassland Savanna of Bromo

Grassland Savanna of Bromo, Another Awesome Spot to Enjoy is another spot to enjoy when you are having a tour to Mount Bromo. The grassland has location on a large area under the foot of the mountain. The wide grassland is in the south side of Mount Bromo. If you remember about a hill in a kids’ serial entitled Teletubbies, the hill with the wide green grassland covering is like Teletubbies hill much.

What to Enjoy in Teletubbis Hill

Grassland Savannah of Bromo is name it is Lembah Jemplang (or Jemplang Valley). The grassland is covered by green grasses spread widely as the width of your sight. The grassland also gives the calm, cool and comfortable atmosphere for the beautiful grassland savanna with its fresh and chilled wind blows. This grassland savanna could become the part of your tour package to Mount Bromo. So when you book a trip to Bromo; it will not complete if you just have the sunrise viewing on the back of Bromo summit. Have another trip to increase the amazing experience of your traveling in Bromo Tengger Semeru. In addition to the grassland, you can experience enjoying the beautiful spot of the Sea of Sands; a huge land of sands that is also located surround the Mount Bromo.

When to Visit Grassland Savannah of Bromo
Having a trip to Mount Bromo is a natural adventure to enjoy the beauty of the mountain and the surrounding national park. You might feel less worthy if you only see the sunrise view from the back of the mountain. Make your trip more adventurous and memorable by spending some times on the awesome surrounding of the mountain.

After the sunrise trip and get tired climbing the hill to get perfect spot of sunrise viewing, continue your trip to Bromo crater, after seeing the active volcano in east java then the trip to be continue to the Savanna To see the green grassland and the calm atmosphere, you can get rid of your tiredness there while enjoying some breakfast menu prepared from the hotel.

On the huge grassland

You could see the Mount Bromo touches the valley under the foot as well as the caldera and its sea of sands as wide as 10 square kilometers. Besides the green grassland that pleases your eyes, you also can find beautiful wild flowers on some spots of the savanna. When you have Bromo Tour, don’t forget to visit the savannah as the part of your trip. The grassland savanna of Bromo is perfect for tour with family or friends.

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