Songa Rafting Pekalen in Probolinggo

Songa Rafting Pekalen in Probolinggo

Why Choosing Songa Adventure Rafting Pekalen?

Songa Rafting Pekalen in Probolinggo is one of the best agencies that can provide you with a fun white water activity in Pekalen River. Pekalen River is a beautiful river located in Probolinggo, East Java. This river is very majestic because it has breathtaking scenery, clean air, and also surrounded by natural forest. It is so pleasing to explore and it will be unforgettable to be there because you will get to explore the river by doing white water rafting. There are many agencies that can take you to the river. However, Songa Rafting Pekalen is simply the best. Why so? Below you will find the answer why.


If you want to go trying rafting attraction on Pekalen river activity, you will expect a lot of money to pay. Well, trying white water rafting is not too cheap, though. So, preparing a lot of money to pay is just normal. However, in this Songa Adventure you do not have to pay a lot of money. The price to try the white water activity is very affordable. You can also choose any package that you want based on your family or your group’s need.

Safe and Secure

White water rafting is indeed a little bit risky because the possibility of the boat gets flipped or something is very huge. However, do not worry about that because if it happens when you are trying white water rafting with Songa Rafting, everything will be fine. It is because this agency is very professional. It has good quality equipments, professional crews who can totally understand how to handle bad situation, and so on.


White water rafting with Songa Rafting is very safe because the agency is completely licensed. It has legal license to run the white water rafting service. Beside of that, all employees in this agency is trained properly so that they have a certificate as well. Because you are on boat with professionals, you do not have to worry about your safety. It is all safe with Songa Rafting.

Beautiful Tracks in Songa Rafting Pekalen in Probolinggo

When you are trying white water rafting with Songa Rafting, there will be several beautiful places that you can see including the caves and forest around the river. It is very relaxing and very breathtaking indeed. So, if you want to take vacation in white water rafting, do not think twice and choose Songa Rafting Pekalen in Probolinggo as your white water rafting location.

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